A Dangerous Game

A dangerous game with a seductive allure,The prospect of entertainment and thrill, theDenizens of the deep and conquerors of theNight let their hair down and socialize aboutTheir latest conquests and kills, the talk of deathPermeates throughout the building, grim reapersLurk in every corner, waiting for the poor bastardThat makes a wrong move, says the wrong... Continue Reading →

A Dance with the Shadows

I dance with the shadows and wonder howYour flesh feels, the question what if I canTouch you, feel you rises. How can IBest describe it to you? How can I bestExpress that I would love to peelYour flesh and strip you of yourSkin, how I want to taste your fleshon my tongue and savor the... Continue Reading →

A Couple of Rhymes

The clock rings five and so I rise,With the strength of a spartan in his prime.                         The clock rings six and still I persist,The sun rises even though the moon resists.  The clock rings seven and the moon returns to heaven,The sun shines brighter than my most beautiful blessings.  The clock rings eight and... Continue Reading →

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