Poem Fourteen

Fortitude is the thing we men strive for in lifeOver anything else, strength and pragmatism andUnderstanding how reality works as a whole.Researching and developing new innovations toTranscend this mortal coil and be one with the gods,Enigmatic in their dealings and mysterious in their processEgalitarian in their approach to creation and benevolent in theirNurturing of us … Continue reading Poem Fourteen

Our Savage Melody (A Poetry Collection)

From unrequited love to the nature of existence and reality to twisted and off-beat fantasies, Josiah Akhtab's poetry explores different aspects of human life and facets of the human mind. From poems with bland titles with deep messages to fanciful titles with hidden sentences, Josiah Akhtab explores the possibilities within poetry to tell a story, … Continue reading Our Savage Melody (A Poetry Collection)