Writing Through the Dark

There comes a time in every writer's endeavors that the story takes a walk on the dark side. The characters begin to act strange, things become more unpredictable by the letter, the story seems to be escaping your grasp until eventually you're stuck with no idea of how to continue. Of course, you have a... Continue Reading →

The Keys to Storytelling

Over the past few months I've been questioning what it is I write about. I say horror and Dark Fantasy but, for some reason, that' snot entirely true. Well, the genres are but the essence isn't quite there. In most of my stories, if you've read them, have a lot of style and entertainment but... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Darkness (Philosophy)

In life, we all go through dark times that teach us to become something we never thought we could be, something we never dreamed of, something we never thought ourselves capable. In dark times, strength is created where in peace weak men are created. To truly become a strong person, an easy past is impossible.... Continue Reading →

Philosophy of Perfection

One last hoorah, one last dance. How will it go? Who knows? I'm not there yet. People of wisdom (Socrates, Seneca, Epictetus, Epicurus, etc.) have always said to contemplate death but also that death is an illusion. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred and so if we are energy that means we don;t... Continue Reading →

The Villain

The villain. . . Yeah, this one is going to get a bit deep, so hold your breath. Okay, the villain is obviously the antagonist who tries to stop and kill the protagonist at every turn throughout the story, right? Well, sort of. See, the villain isn't really a villain. At least, not the well-crafted... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of The Subconscious Mind

If everything in our subconscious mind is predicated on our actions and choices, then all one must do is make correct choices and take proper actions that correlate to success. But, to take such actions, one must know what they are. If one can understand and grasp what successful actions are and apply them, not... Continue Reading →

The Antihero

Ah, yes. The Antihero! Let's get to it! Alright, we all know Vegeta and his story, right? Good, I don't have to waste time writing about it. Let's get to the good stuff. . . There are two things that make an Antihero: Sympathy and relatability. The more sympathetic and relatable they are, the better... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Observe (Philosophy)

There seems to be a bias for personal experience in society; so much so, that observational experience is denigrated and looked down upon. However, I would like to posit that observational experience has more value than most people think and even fewer know. The thing about observational experience is that it is integral in professions... Continue Reading →

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