Doing Away With It All (Philosophy)

I've decided to go away with it all. With money, success, women, relationships, society, everything. I have decided I would be content with a quiet existence not being bothered with anyone. That I would be satisfied writing stories for a small but dedicated fan base. I have decided that I don't want all the riches... Continue Reading →

Writing Your Own Way

When we first start out, we copy the greats. We see what they've been able to get away with in the past and think we can do it too, until the real world tells us that what we've produced is nothing but recycled material they've seen before. So, we adjust and still copy the greats,... Continue Reading →

Evolving As An Individual (Philosophy)

It is time you start focusing on the things you live to do and immersing yourself within them. I don't mean the vices and addictions, but the productive things that feed your soul, give you that little moment of freedom from all your responsibilities and obligations, that moment of nothingness that feels like God giving... Continue Reading →

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