The Deadly Painting (Part 2)

“What is this place?” My voice echoed through the hall. “This,” a deep, gurgled voice said beside my ear, “is the painting’s castle.” I jerked my head around reflexively, but no one was there. “Who was that?!” I asked, “Show yourself!” No one answered. I stood for a long time before deciding to move on... Continue Reading →

The Deadly Painting (Part 1)

Living above an art gallery sounds like nothing to write home about and trust me, it’s not. Very few people walk in an out of the museum or walk past it toward Central Park or Columbus Circle, where the real attractions are. Millions of New Yorkers and tourists going about their business while I’m up... Continue Reading →

Eternal Burning

The town burned slowly in the night as the smell of smoked wood and burning bodies filled the air. I watched it all from the hilltop. I tried to warn them about it but no one listened, and now they pay the price with their lives and the loss of their loved ones. Everywhere I... Continue Reading →

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