Johnny Maravich had always been an average joe, not possessing any great talents or skills. However, when he did try his best at something, he’d often get above-average results. Johnny has always been in the profession of doing things for other people, both legal and not-so-legal things. If you needed to get rid of someone,... Continue Reading →

The Deadly Painting (Part 4)

The creator rested his elbows on his knees and grabbed his head in frustration, he shuddered at the feeling of his own hands and moved them to the front of his face. He looked at them, cold and ashen blue, he wiggled his fingers but there was something off about it, something that spelled death... Continue Reading →

The Deadly Painting (Part 3)

“present in sun but not in rain,” I continued, “since there’s no sun, there’s no light to reflect off you to create the shadow. Doing no harm and feeling no pain, though the shadow mimics you it doesn’t feel what you feel, and it also doesn’t do anything to you, so there!” The man chuckled... Continue Reading →

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