The Faux Alpha (Philosophy)

We're all aware of the sexual hierarchy and how it dominates every facet of our lives. From bars to clubs to cafes to libraries to restaurants to porn. Every facet of our existence is predicated on our value in relation to the opposite sex and who can acquire the best mate. This is not an... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Darkness (Philosophy)

In life, we all go through dark times that teach us to become something we never thought we could be, something we never dreamed of, something we never thought ourselves capable. In dark times, strength is created where in peace weak men are created. To truly become a strong person, an easy past is impossible.... Continue Reading →

Philosophy of Perfection

One last hoorah, one last dance. How will it go? Who knows? I'm not there yet. People of wisdom (Socrates, Seneca, Epictetus, Epicurus, etc.) have always said to contemplate death but also that death is an illusion. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred and so if we are energy that means we don;t... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of The Subconscious Mind

If everything in our subconscious mind is predicated on our actions and choices, then all one must do is make correct choices and take proper actions that correlate to success. But, to take such actions, one must know what they are. If one can understand and grasp what successful actions are and apply them, not... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Observe (Philosophy)

There seems to be a bias for personal experience in society; so much so, that observational experience is denigrated and looked down upon. However, I would like to posit that observational experience has more value than most people think and even fewer know. The thing about observational experience is that it is integral in professions... Continue Reading →

Anime and MGTOW (Philosophy)

It's funny how everything connects. Two seemingly unrelated topics in anime and MGTOW; how Goku, a fictional character, can teach us what it truly means to go our own way. Now, most people say Goku is one-dimensional, childish, and boring while Vegeta is the interesting one. Well, my take is that people can't relate to... Continue Reading →

My Five Tenets for Philosophy

Think- nothing happens without thinking (except high performance when doing a routine). Philosophy is about discovering wisdom as it pertains to the nature of man and his role in the universe. Therefore, to get that answer we must think our way up, and ultimately transcend thought altogether.Learn from the past- Philosophers in antiquity had great... Continue Reading →

Philosophy of Introverts

The introvert is an interesting being with a unique philosophy. Yes, introverts have a philosophy that dictates their behavior like everyone else, they're not some shadow-workers lurking in the dark watching society go by while they do nothing but observe. of course, that's the extreme introvert which is called a recluse. The introvert, much like... Continue Reading →

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