Center of Existence (Philosophy)

Your center of existence is what you want it to be. You were born with the ability to override your biology which centered reproduction and legacy. You were born to aspire to greatness, to create wonders of the world, to uplift civilizations, to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. You were... Continue Reading →

Understanding MGTOW (Philosophy)

MGTOW is not a movement. MGTOW is not about women. MGTOW is not about religion, politics, or any other aspect of society. MGTOW is a state of awareness about those aspects, those being the avenue through which you learn of MGTOW in the first place. You can be MGTOW in dating and relationships, business, politics,... Continue Reading →

Living in The Dark (Philosophy)

When one comes over to the dark side of life and learns the truth that the world tried to hide, they find it alluring at first because of its newness. The dark side defies all the norms they've been accustomed to growing up, they think its cool, trendy, and whatnot. But, if they stay in... Continue Reading →

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