A Shot in the Dark

The creature roars a loud, terrible, grating, ear-splitting roar. The glass on all the windows shatters and falls on top of Kyd’s head. Tears stream down Kyd’s face like a waterfall and his legs go on a permanent vacation when he falls to his knees--the fear and terror now have him in a straitjacket. The creature smiles a sinister and evil smile as it rushes Kyd for the kill, his eyes never leave the creature’s when they go from an ashy, lifeless brown to a deep and radiant silver.

The Ghost Next Door

The ghost ripped, tore, and yanked itself in the slowest, most gut-wrenching, gruesome way one could imagine. It skin tore like cheese from a pizza, its mouth opened so wide the corners started to tear, its chest split in half and revealed a beating heart doing the same, intestines leaked out and were sucked back in as if by a vacuum and black goo welled up and covered its insides.