Wolfgang (Part 4)

Cheryl doesn’t feel the tears fall from her face; in fact, she doesn’t feel anything. Her mind goes blank and she’s suspended in time for a moment, trying to grasp this news. She takes a step back and stumbles, the boulder Joe was sitting on catches her and she lands on her bottom.

Wolfgang (Part 3)

A low, growling sound permeates throughout the cave and the other heads snap in its direction, flashlights beaming. Nothing, just dust particles and four tunnels surrounded with craggy and jagged walls. They hear the sound again, louder this time, and Cheryl makes her way behind the three men, shining the flashlight over Ricky’s shoulder.

Wolfgang (Part 2)

Joe wakes up to the smell of eggs, bacon, and waffles. He pulls himself up and throws off the covers, his bare feet hit the floor as he grunts before getting up and walking out his room toward the kitchen. Cheryl, Ricky, Mike already have their clothes on and are sitting at the fireplace where finished plates and cups of cocoa clutter the coffee table.