The Treacherous Wolves (Part 5)

The wolves circled the saber-tooth’s but they seemed unfazed by the impending danger. In fact, the creatures seemed to carry a non-chalant attitude to the whole affair. Damon watched the sabers and felt something regal about them, a haughtiness, a certain holier-than-thou-ness about their presence. Damon looked to Saber and saw that his facial expression … Continue reading The Treacherous Wolves (Part 5)

The Treacherous Wolves (Part 4)

“Oh yeah,” Damon took out a small bag containing a few gold ones and threw it to Ronnie, he caught it. “Thanks for the drink.”             “Don’t ya wanna hear how the res’ o’ the story plays out?” The sheriff asked, “before ya go?”             “Na,” Damon said, “I got what I came for, gentlemen, … Continue reading The Treacherous Wolves (Part 4)