Headhunter (Part 3)

Querrick’s war story takes about forty-five minutes to tell (it really should’ve taken a couple hours but there were a lot of sensitive and sexual details that needed to be left out as to not scar the kids for life). Lykas was entranced throughout the whole thing while Isabel’s expressions changed with the sound of... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 2)

When Querrick comes back he finds Lykas up and about like he’d never been sick in his life. Isabel rushes to him and gives him and big, hearty hug and thanks him for the soup he made. Querrick pats her on the head, puts his stuff down, and goes over to inspect the boy. He... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 1)

Querrick has always a lone wolf, especially after the two Great Wars he’s served in. The bloodshed and chaos haunts him in his dreams on peaceful nights and divine mornings as he tries to live the decent and modest life of a monk but has gotten nowhere. The body parts being strewn about, the heads... Continue Reading →

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