Wolfgang (Part 1)

The door opens and Joe comes in covered in snow. He closes the door behind him and shakes himself off like a dog out of water and bends over--hands on knees--and takes long, deep breaths. Ricky comes out of the kitchen and almost spills the cocoa when Cheryl races by and almost bumps into him to get to Joe.

The Writing Process (Basic)

Just sorting a few things out, I’ll be on schedule with new tips very soon. til then, enjoy this reminder!

The Akhtab Weekly

Alright guys, this one is going to be a short one because, it’s seven a.m. on a Wednesday as I write this and I don’t feel like writing an insight but here I am, all the same.

So, Let’s get to it.

I think people have trouble with writing, especially in the early stages, because they put this insane amount of pressure on themselves to produce god-level content in the first go, and that’s just not how it works.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

The thing about writing is, is that it’s pretty simple when you get to the heart of it: write, revise, edit. That’s it. Nothing else is involved on that note.

But, if it’s so simple, why do people have trouble with it? Well, a couple reasons might be:

  1. They don’t have a writing process
  2. they have a writing process, but don’t follow through on it consistently
  3. they…

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