Headhunter (Part 7)

They get to the financial district and it’s the usual hustle and bustle. The bankers sit in their chairs in high-rise office buildings and the corporate drones analyze the stock market, manipulating the prices of shares to further subjugate the saps that think they can get rich off a rigged system. The mere smell and... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 6)

The Dark Commander and The High Priestess of Carnage Church sit at the head of an oval table, Querrick stands at attention as is customary front and center and Lucius and his men surround the outer perimeter of the grand room. Rays of sunlight poke through the many windows giving the room a look of... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 5)

Nightfall comes and Querrick heads out, following the trail Lucius’ militia left behind. The trail goes cold about two miles from his cabin and gets warm again about four miles out. Querrick encounters some animals along the way and lets them live, also coming upon dead Ligers and deer with X shaped cuts along their... Continue Reading →

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