Headhunter (Part 10)

While Lykas and Isabel go and double up in the black market, Querrick and Presley continue with the operation meeting up with Victor the Bum again. They give him the hundred thousand Carnage Gold and he goes and puts it in the secret account that automatically invests the money in the stock market and DRIP’s... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 9)

“Alright,” the head of finance says, “now that we’ve established the set amounts: matching archetypes, five to ten thousand Carnage Gold. Complementary archetypes, twenty-five hundred to five thousand Carnage Gold. Divine archetypes, twenty thousand Carnage Gold. Dark Archetypes, negative twenty thousand Carnage Gold. Combination archetypes, one thousand to ten thousand Carnage Gold. Two card wins,... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 8)

Querrick and Serius hit up multiple spots around the house, taking small wins and cashing in whenever possible, keeping track of when the bookies change shifts to not arouse suspicion. The two end up making a combined one hundred thousand Carnage Raw (one thousand Carnage Gold) and leave City of Sin where they meet Victor... Continue Reading →

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