Headhunter (Part 3)

Querrick’s war story takes about forty-five minutes to tell (it really should’ve taken a couple hours but there were a lot of sensitive and sexual details that needed to be left out as to not scar the kids for life). Lykas was entranced throughout the whole thing while Isabel’s expressions changed with the sound of... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 2)

When Querrick comes back he finds Lykas up and about like he’d never been sick in his life. Isabel rushes to him and gives him and big, hearty hug and thanks him for the soup he made. Querrick pats her on the head, puts his stuff down, and goes over to inspect the boy. He... Continue Reading →

Headhunter (Part 1)

Querrick has always a lone wolf, especially after the two Great Wars he’s served in. The bloodshed and chaos haunts him in his dreams on peaceful nights and divine mornings as he tries to live the decent and modest life of a monk but has gotten nowhere. The body parts being strewn about, the heads... Continue Reading →


Johnny Maravich had always been an average joe, not possessing any great talents or skills. However, when he did try his best at something, he’d often get above-average results. Johnny has always been in the profession of doing things for other people, both legal and not-so-legal things. If you needed to get rid of someone,... Continue Reading →

Born in Fire (Part 4)

running out of time, so he hauled ass. As the ceiling came down, he sprinted like he was competing for the Olympic gold medal and lunged out the window just before the ceiling connected with the ground and everything went up in flames. He didn’t bother looking back as he got up and sprinted toward... Continue Reading →

Born in Fire (Part 3)

“There he is, I see him!” Drake said, using his incredible sight despite the rain, “let’s kill the fucker!” “Shit,” Bergemo said under his breath as his nose kept leading him toward the smoke. “You won’t get away, bitch!” Benny called, “we’ll kill ya if it’s the last thing we do!!” Bergemo ignored Benny’s proclamation... Continue Reading →

Born in Fire (Part 2)

“Useless oaf.” The headmaster pushed passed him and ran after Bergemo who was already outside and running toward the gate. “Dammit!” the headmaster said, “call the authorities and have them conduct a search.” He handed the guard some keys, “these are for the records room, Bergemo’s file is on my desk. When you get on... Continue Reading →

Born in Fire (Part 1)

The sound of thunder woke young Bergemo Grey in the middle of the night. He opened his eyes with a methodical nature that’d give a hardened war veteran a run for his money. He sat up with an even more methodical nature as the sound of rain pattered against his window and the flashes of... Continue Reading →

The Deadly Painting (Part 4)

The creator rested his elbows on his knees and grabbed his head in frustration, he shuddered at the feeling of his own hands and moved them to the front of his face. He looked at them, cold and ashen blue, he wiggled his fingers but there was something off about it, something that spelled death... Continue Reading →

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