Poem Twenty-four

One look and you can tell that sheIs all pent up inside and doesn’t Want to talk, likeShe’s a fury that been denied prey whenIt was she who caught the kill. We Just stand aside and let her simmer and haveHer space while we get out of her sight and have fun.

Poem Twenty-three

A little girl devoid of fear is moreDangerous than she appears, for her actionsAre the most reckless and leave people, peopleShe cares for, the most affected.                         She walks the streets like perfection, the way herMother used to, until that perfection was exposedAnd all the imperfections were shown.  The little girl grew up as flawless... Continue Reading →

Poem Twenty-two

Whoever decided to put theWine by the fireIs either an idiot of Massive proportions or simply in a rageFor what is The meaning of it, we’d be put Out before dawn, put outWithExtreme haste, for a SimpleMiscalculation as this, might as well kiss ourselves goodbye

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