The Poet’s Tale

There once was a poet (for isn’t there always?)Who sat by a pond in the night, looking up at theStars. Admiring their scattered beauty and distantDivinity, the water flowed smoothly and soundlessly,Its scent in the air brought him closer to nature than He had ever been, changing the course of his mind intoThat of its... Continue Reading →

Dead of Night

In the dead of night, the corpses stir, theground shakes and the dirt rises, tombstonesfall and decayed hands emerge to rid the worldof the damned souls which need to be purged.  In the dead of nights, the creatures growl, their eyesare blood-red as they skulk and prowl, sniffing forprey innocent and weak, salivating at the... Continue Reading →

Chasing Clarity

I try to stay focused as my deliveryBecomes more potent, the energy, ICan almost control it. Due to myPerception and accurate conceptions,I can see twenty moves ahead whichOffers me protection and guaranteesMy victory, since the game’s inceptionI’ve been calculating, strategizing, workingOn my best moves to get the opponent off-Balance, lure them into deception as feint... Continue Reading →

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