Poem Twenty-one

The ability to see around corners, to lookUpon the shadows long before they ever reach youIs a skill of the masters, the titans of life, love, and war.To picture the building in its entirety and to understand The circular nature of life and all its facets is what separatesThe average from the great for, it... Continue Reading →

Weekend Love

A Friday under the stars, looking into yourKind brown eyes and caressing the smooth skinOf your face, seeing the billions of stars reflectedIn your smile and the luminous nature of your soul.The warmth of your hand against mine as a comet Flies by. Our cellphones are off, the grass is plushUnder our backs and our... Continue Reading →

The Reaper Tattoo

He floats leisurely through the dead of nightSkulking the shadows for damned and demonicSouls, his scythe glowing a luminous grey in the Dark. His grey armor with silver trim gleams likeA beacon of hope to fool those who think themselvesSafe from his wrath, the reaper swings the scythe Haphazardly, without a care in heaven or... Continue Reading →

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