A Thought in the Dark

It's funny, growing up in a family filled with the opposite sex. It affects your perspective on life and the world whether you know it or not. As a man, one's core emotion tends to be anger, and for good reason. The masculine energy is predicated on action, meaning if there is a problem it... Continue Reading →

The Faux Alpha (Philosophy)

We're all aware of the sexual hierarchy and how it dominates every facet of our lives. From bars to clubs to cafes to libraries to restaurants to porn. Every facet of our existence is predicated on our value in relation to the opposite sex and who can acquire the best mate. This is not an... Continue Reading →

The Keys to Storytelling

Over the past few months I've been questioning what it is I write about. I say horror and Dark Fantasy but, for some reason, that' snot entirely true. Well, the genres are but the essence isn't quite there. In most of my stories, if you've read them, have a lot of style and entertainment but... Continue Reading →

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