The Flat Character

Alright, everyone knows about protagonist, antagonist, and all those types of characters relative to their roles within a story, right? Cool, what I'm about to share with you is something I've learned about characters relative to my favorite anime, Dragonball. The Flat Character, The Positive Character, The Negative Character, The Antihero, The Villain, etc. First, … Continue reading The Flat Character

Poem Seventeen

Serpent slither through my chamber door withElectric energy, like eels on dry land.Vicious and cunning in their approach, theyEncompass my whole vision, forcing me toNegotiate between my own fear and existenceTranscendental chills run down my spine as they near,Effervescent scents fill the air, lulling me to sleep.Eccentric visions cloud my mind, making me dizzy, andNostalgia … Continue reading Poem Seventeen