Misconceptions About The Black Pill (Philosophy)

Okay, let’s get a couple things straight. The Black Pill isn’t some hopeless philosophy made up by incels who can’t get laid and are unattractive. To take such a rudimentary stance is idiotic.

The Black Pill is a state of awareness as it applies to the world. It is a philosophy that gives you the ability to see the farce that society and government have places in front of the eyes of the masses. The Black Pill exposes the biggest tricks in history such as religion and The American Dream.

In a gynocentric society where women have everything handed to them and men being thrown in jail on a whim, where politicians make false promises that everyone knows is bullshit but still eats because they’ve become accustomed to it, where people around the world still believe in the wife, two kids, two-story townhouse with a white picket fence and two cars in the driveway, the Black Pill simply removes the veil from your eyes to expose this circus of a world we live in.

Hopelessness, fatalism, violence, misogyny, rage, and any negative emotion are all side effects of The Red Pill not the Black Pill. The Black pill is where one accepts this reality and decides whether they want to be a part of it. If they do, they operate accordingly and only talk to people with the same ideology. If not, they isolate themselves from the world while becoming the best version of themselves.

Black Pilled people do not harm or bother others. They are tired of the farce, the game, the joke that life in the western world (or any other part of the world) is and simply refuse to be apart of it; thus, they aim to separate themselves.

The Black Pill is not for everybody, you have to be of a strong will and unbreakable spirit to take this path. The Black Pill is a dark road that will demand you sacrifice everything including friends, family, social connections, women, money, fame, adoration, etc. With the Black Pill, that Blue Pill world fades away and you are disenchanted of the illusion mainstream media and government try to keep you under.

If your personality and identity is predicated on having strong relationships and many social connections. If you like being around people, having fun, traveling the world and going on trips, hanging out with your friends and family and celebrating holidays, etc. The Black Pill is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU.


However, if you are an introvert, an outcast, a reject, someone who was bullied throughout their school years, someone who felt alone even in a crowd, someone who looked at your friends and family and felt like you didn’t belong, someone who felt like they were all alone in the world and there was no one who could ever understand you, then the Black Pill is the only road for you.

The Black Pill is for those who have always had an intuitive awareness that something wasn’t right in the world. That saw things that didn’t look right but couldn’t quite put their finger on it because they haven’t lived long enough to know what’s what. For those who had moments where the world seemed like a dream and everyone looked like background characters in a movie clip, those who have a knack for predicting what people are going to say and do (sometimes verbatim) because people operate so predictably. For those who notice people going about their daily life in a trance state like everything is alright, for those who see the illusion for what it is and feel like they are surrounded by a sea of Blue Pillers.

That is who the Black Pill is for. If this isn’t you, don’t worry about the Black Pill. Get through the Red Pill first. Because the Red Pill can mess you up as well.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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